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Zoom Teeth Whitening in Astoria, Queens

At Astoria Dental, we’re proud to offer the best teeth whitening procedure in Astoria.

One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. Colleagues and your bosses at the office notice just as much as people in your personal life do: family members, romantic partners, everyone. Naturally, you might be a little self-conscious about the color of your teeth.

Over the years, you’ve probably drank countless coffees, colas, and teas. All of these beverages can leave deep stains in your teeth, giving your teeth a yellowish or brownish tinge that can be off-putting and even embarrassing. You might even be sensitive about smiling or letting your teeth be seen.

You may have seen a lot of different teeth whitening products out there, such as drug store solutions. Many of these kinds of products can whiten your teeth by a shade or two, but it won’t last very long. Before long, you’re going to notice that your teeth return to its less impressive shade. The only way to get an effective and long-lasting effect is to see your dentist and ask for the Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re interested in finding a teeth whitening clinic in Queens, you’re in the right place. Astoria Dental offers a specialized whitening system that is only available professionally. We offer the Zoom Whitening Treatment powered by the latest technology from Philips. For those who have just 30 minutes, we suggest the the Philips Zoom QuickPro. You’ll get noticeable results in just half an hour. For those who are able to spare 45 minutes, we suggest the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. In just under an hour, we can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades.

Professional dentist in Astoria, NY, before and after photo

Philips Zoom QuickPro Treatment in Astoria, Queens

This fast treatment can conveniently added to the end of a normal check-up. It takes just about 10 minutes to apply, and there’s no need for the whitening lamp, so you can be on your way in no time at all.

  • Your dentist will prep your mouth and gums.
  • For each tooth, your dentist will apply a thin layer of whitening varnish, and it dries nearly instantly.
  • After this, a layer of protective sealant is applied. It keeps your mouth safe from sensitivity.

And that’s it! You can be on your way. The only thing left is to brush off the dried varnish, which you can do after just 30 minutes.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Treatment in Astoria, Queens

For the most visible results and biggest improvement in the whiteness of your teeth, we suggest the WhiteSpeed Treatment. In just 45 minutes, you can reverse years of stains from food and drinks and other discoloration, making your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

After you book your appointments you’ll come to our clinic in Astoria for your initial consultation. At your consultation, our doctor will evaluate your teeth to determine whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for the whitening process. While most people can benefit from the Zoom whitening process, there are some for whom the staining is so severe that the treatment wouldn’t benefit them. For others, there may be other issues that only a dental procedure can remedy.

If our doctor determines that you’re a good candidate for whitening, we proceed with the treatment.

  • Your dentist preps your mouth and applies a layer of advanced whitening gel to your teeth.
  • They’ll shine the Philips WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. This speeds up the whitening and shortens your visit. You’ll be comfortable thanks to the lamp’s variable settings.
  • In just 45 minutes, you’ll go through 3 cycles of whitening!
  • Finally, your dentist will apply a post-treatment gel that helps protect your enamel and reduces sensitivity.

Before you leave your dentist’s office, you’ll receive customized whitening trays and a take home whitening kit, which is included in the price of your treatment. This way, you can top-up the brightness of your smile whenever you want to.

While you’re being treated, we create a mold of your mouth. Using this, the lab creates whitening trays that are custom-fitted to your mouth. You’ll be wearing these trays for a few hours a day (or as recommended by your dentist). It’ll have a specially formulated whitening gel that gets applied. You’ll use the whitening system every day for a specified amount of time. In some cases where major whitening is required, you may need to wear the trays overnight.

Schedule your appointment today and get your teeth whitened using the most advanced technology!