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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Astoria, NY

Wisdom teeth extraction in Astoria, NY may be necessary if you’re experiencing inflammation, abscess, cavity, high temperature, infection, or severe pain related to your wisdom teeth. These symptoms can be signs of an impacted or infected wisdom tooth that needs to be removed to prevent further complications.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Astoria, NY

An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when there isn’t enough room in the mouth for it to grow in normally, causing inflammation and pain. In some cases, an impacted wisdom tooth can become infected, leading to an abscess or cavity. This can cause a high temperature and severe pain that requires immediate attention.

Wisdom teeth extraction can be a complex procedure, and while some discomfort is normal, there are several ways that Luna Dental in Astoria NY can help minimize pain and discomfort during and after the procedure. Here are some techniques they may use:

  • Local anesthesia: Luna Dental may use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be extracted, which can help minimize pain during the procedure.
  • Sedation: Luna Dental may offer sedation options such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, or IV sedation, which can help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

After the procedure, Luna Dental may prescribe pain relief medication to help manage pain and discomfort. Luna Dental Astoria recommends avoiding hard or chewy foods for the first few days after the procedure of wisdom teeth extraction and sticking to soft foods and liquids to minimize discomfort and prevent irritation to the extraction site.

What if I decide not to remove wisdom teeth?

If you decide not to remove a wisdom tooth that is causing problems, it can lead to several consequences, including:

  1. Crowding: Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding of the teeth, leading to shifting and misalignment of the surrounding teeth. In its turn that can cause bruxism, periodontal problems and teeth loss.
  2. Decay and Infections: Partially erupted wisdom teeth can create a flap of gum tissue that can trap food and bacteria, leading to infections and inflammation of the gums, tooth decay and cavities, that can spread to other teeth..
  3. Cysts and tumors: Infected wisdom teeth can lead to the development of cysts or tumors, which can damage the jawbone and neighboring teeth.

To remove a wisdom tooth in Queens, Astoria, NY, you can visit Luna Dental Astoria. Our trustworthy professionals will examin your wisdom teeth, make a check-up and give recommendations on the need of further treatment or removal.